Who we are?


 Hey, I am Seb!


21 years old and i love being outside doing crazy stuff.

You need background: Ok ;-) After finishing school I concluded apprenticeship as shipping merchant at a ocean carrier in Bremen - Germany. Oh, I also did studies for a half of a year. But it was not the right thing at that time. In my free time I like to meet friends, play football and especially I love to cook gorgeous meals. All started with 10 or 11 years. At the first time for my own after school, when i was alone at home. I couldn't wait until my mum came home,  because i was very often very hungry ;-). But later on I cooked dishes for my whole family - and it was fun! 

My family was excited. So it was almost tradition that I served meals for at least one day a week.

All noted in a cookbook - ok, just word docs with some pics on it. But it was the first step - now it is a dream of mine. For inspiration I want to start this amazing tour in Oct/2017. Meet new friends, cook delicious meals and feel free for a while.  


Hey, I am Maik!


It´s a pleasure to travel around the world, experience crazy moments and find the best recipes.


I am 24 years old. Already in the kindergarten I liked to bake some sand cakes for friends :) ...and 15 years later I actually completed my apprenticeship as chef. I worked in two well-known hotels, which was a great experience. After that it was my desire to see the opposite of a big company. A tiny restaurant with a special character. Every dish was prepared individually with a lot of fresh ingredients from the local market. Thats exactly my way to cook delicious meals. Because cooking is a passion for me and I love making friends and family happy with such an easy thing.

 I like to create new, unusual and unique dishes and I hope to try some exotic foods on the trip.


 Traveling fascinates me since many years, to dive in the different cultures and countries and connect this with cooking is a dream. I want to start this amazing tour in Oct/2017.







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