Our supporters

Many, many thanks to whole team from BIKES2race.

BIKES2race offered us a special price for our Giant ToughRoad SLR EX bikes and other very useful equipment.

The bicycles were perfectly adapted and we got some helpful tips from René, who is an India expert ;) 

Guys, your support is amazing. Thank you very much.


Thank you, Hans (from Radlstall)

We got all our Thule bags from Radlstall. It is a privilege for us to get your support. - and not the football team on the christmas party ;)

The  high quality bags are waterproof and offer us plenty of storage for our whole equipment. 

 ...perfect for our trip. 

 Thanks to the cool guys from Helmheld. - Thanks Gordian and Tim.

We got the LIVALL BH60 helmets for a special price from Helmheld. The contact was outstanding - so easy and smoothly.  The helmets give us the necessary security in case of a unlucky downfall. Besides they have awesome feautures like: bluetooth, loudspeaker, light and a microphone for telephone calls.


Many thanks to Jorge from McNett.

McNett gave us the chance to choose some cool products from the entire product range. Especially the repair products for tents and air mattresses are totally suitable for us. But also the microfiber towel and the gruntline are indispensable to our equipment.


Thanks to the Bar Clif - Team.

They sent us a big box of power bars and power gel. Full with some cool and super tasty snacks to recover fast after a long leg.

Thanks to the team of ISYbe.

ISYbe sent us four very pretty bottles. They are super handy and completely pollutant-free.





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